Testing Brake Fluid Training Video- The Trainer Series

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Did you know that brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs water so easily it can even draw the moisture out of your skin? Or that water reduces the boiling point of the brake fluid? Some experts even say that it could be enough to cause a spongy pedal and brake fade. How do you know if the fluid is contaminated? How do you know when to recommend a fluid service?

There seems to be several conflicting opinions on when, or even if, you should service a customer's brake fluid. Some OEMs include it in their recommended maintenance schedules, some don't. Technicians argue it should be done with any brake service, or every year or two. Others say it should be changed if the fluid looks dark or dirty.
In this edition of "The Trainer", we'll eliminate that confusion. We'll show you how to test brake fluid condition and when to recommend fluid service so you can offer the most professional care possible to your customers! 

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