Testing Automotive A/C System Performance Training Video: The Trainer Series

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Air conditioning systems are doing more today with a lot less; less refrigerant and less oil. And they are also less tolerant of mistakes made during their service. That +/- 10% charge range that used to mean a fudge factor of three or four ounces can now mean less than one ounce!
Exceeding that variance by even a little bit can result in premature compressor failure and costly part replacement. Do you know how accurate your equipment is? Do you know how to make sure you've recovered the entire refrigerant charge the car came in with? How much oil do you need to add along with that replacement part?
Add the pressure of getting your customers fixed and back on the road, and it doesn't take long to see that a collection of small mistakes made during the service and repair process could add up to monster comebacks and upset patrons. In this edition of the popular How2 video series, The Trainer, technical editor Pete Meier walks you through a routine service and inspection, pointing out time and money-saving tips along the way. 

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