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Scoping Out Engine Problems: Mechanical Faults

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Duration: 120 mins




Product Details:

Problems with an engine's ability to breathe and seal can cause all sorts of drivability concerns. Add in the technology of variable valve timing and selective cylinder management, multiple cams and cam drives, and you can quickly see where using traditional methods of inspection will likely result in a lot of time spent looking for a maybe. There are options, however, if you own a scope and a few scope accessories like a high amp clamp, pressure sensors and/or pressure transducers. These tools allow you to "see" inside without tearing everything apart. And that saves you time and frustration, especially if the problem is intermittent.

Loss of seal in the combustion chamber, especially if that loss is intermittent, can be time consuming to diagnose and confirm with traditional testing methods. In addition, volumetric efficiency losses caused by problems like valve timing shifts, improper variable valve timing operation, and restricted exhausts can also be difficult to nail down. But by using the power of an automotive lab scope and a few accessories, technicians can reduce their troubleshooting time and confirm faults that would otherwise elude them. And that's the topic of this Motor Age/TST webcast featuring guest expert Bernie

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Pete Meir, Technical Editor, Motor Age

Jerry "G" Truglia TST Seminars

Bernie Thompson Automotive Test Solution