Scoping Out Drivability Training Video - The Trainer series

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Diagnosing drivability problems on today's cars presents several challenges to technicians. Many engine designs are unforgiving of even minor flaws, and are quick to let their driver's know they aren't happy by bucking, spitting, and turning on the Check Engine light. Finding these minor discrepancies takes a trained eye, a little patience, and the right equipment.
One such piece of equipment is the Digital Storage Oscilloscope, or DSO. This modern version of the old big-box engine analyzers many of us grew up with is capable of much more than simply tracing secondary ignition patterns. With the addition of a few accessories, it becomes a powerful and time saving tool that can help you find those minor discrepancies when other diagnostic techniques will not.
Join technical editor Pete Meier as he shares some of those techniques in this month's edition of "The Trainer".

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