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Scenario number one:
The new power steering pump is installed; the system has been flushed with clean fluid and filled with the correct fluid for the car. So far, you've done everything right. Now it's time to bleed the air out of the system. You start the engine and begin turning the steering wheel lock-to-lock, just as you have always done, but the moans and groans from the steering system aren't going away. 
You may have just destroyed the new pump.
Scenario number two:
Your customer is complaining of a whining noise when they steer the car. You inspect the fluid in the power steering pump reservoir and find the fluid is at the proper level and appears in good condition. You look over the system lines and hoses and find no visible signs of leakage. 
Would you suspect the pump is failed? Would you consider recommending a replacement rack assembly?
If you did either, you'd be wrong and potentially facing a comeback!
The real cause of the failures in both scenarios is air trapped in the system. I first stumbled on this when dealing with a Saturn that seemed to be eating pump assemblies, and finding a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) requiring that the air be removed from the system PRIOR to engine start up after the system has been opened for repair. I have since found other OEMs that recommend the same thing. Failure to do so can lead to cavitation in the pump and cause nearly instantaneous damage. 
Air can also enter the system through weak low-side hose connections or failing o-ring seals with no outward fluid loss apparent and no visible foaming of the fluid. This, too, was the topic of a TSB from Acura that has since proven itself on other brands. The technique I learned in solving both of these issues (and others) is now a part of my standard service procedure when repairing power steering complaints.
What is the technique? You'll have to watch this edition of The Trainer to find out!

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