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Tires...those round, black rubber things holding the car up...are typically overlooked by their owners.  Taken for granted by most drivers, the tires are literallly "where the rubber meets the road".  All of the handling characteristics designed in by the engineers go straight out the window when incorrect, or improperly maintained, tires are installed.
The most common issue is correct inflation, particularly underinflation.  The vast majority of cars entering your shop will have at least one tire that is grossly underinflated.  Low tire pressures directly affect the contact area of the tire to the ground, and result in higher heat generation that can lead to catastrophic failure.  As professional technicians, it is our moral and ethical responsivbility to check our customer's cars for any safety related problems and that includes checking and correcting their tire's pressure.  If you live in California, it is no longer an option, it is a requirement.
Even if it isn't required in your state, imagine it's your wife, your mom, your daughter driving that car.  Would you want them stranded on a busy highway with a flat tire you could have prevented?  Or worse yet, be responsible for their injuries resulting from a failed tire that you should have told them about?
Incorporating a routine tire inspection into your daily routine is easy, and the topic of this edition of "The Trainer"! 

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