Automotive Repair: Diagnosing EVAP Systems Training Video - The Trainer Series

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Diagnosing "Check Engine" light complaints is a common task for most shops.  And a leading cause of an illuminated MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is a fault in the evaporative emissions system.
The primary function of the evaporative emissions system (also called the EVAP system) is to prevent fuel vapors in the tank from being released to the atmosphere.  Instead, the vapors are collected in an activated charcoal storage tank, or canister.  The ECM controls the purge of the canister by opening or closing a solenoid valve connecting the canister to the intake manifold of the engine, and allows the stored vapors to be fed and burned in the engine.
The EVAP system is tested by the ECM to make sure all the components function as they are supposed to, and checks the system for leaks to the atmosphere.  A pair of EVAP related codes on Pete's 2007 Toyota, and how he approached their diagnosis, is the topic of June's "The Trainer".

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