Medium/Heavy Truck ASE Certification Training

ase t series medium heavy trucks

The medium and heavy truck study guides cover provide valuable information covering ASE specialty areas on Gasoline Engines (T1); Diesel Engines (T2); Drive Train (T3); Brakes (T4); Steering & Suspension (T5); Electrical Systems (T6); Heating, Ventilation & A/C (T7); and Preventive Maintenance Inspection - PMI (T8) certification exams. Included within the ASE truck study guide is an ASE Task List detailing exactly what type of knowledge and experience is necessary for the medium/heavy truck specialty, plus ASE heavy truck practice test questions. Easy-to-read text and illustrations provide the important background information you'll need to understand each area of certification and fill in any gaps which may exist in your technical knowledge. You'll gain valuable insight on how to successfully take a medium/heavy truck ASE certification exam and a use it as a handy reference manual on the job.

Print books for the T7 are currently out of stock, if you do prder, please expect a a week or two of delay in shipping.

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