ASE T6 Certification Test Prep: Electrical/Electronic Systems Study Guide

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ASE T6 study guide includes a comprehensive practice test

ASE T6 Study Guide is Published 03/2012

The Motor Age Training ASE T6 Study Guide provides technicians with the knowledge and know how to successfully take and pass the ASE Electrical / Electronic Systems certification exam.  The ASE T6 study guide and test prep products cover essential details on:

  • General Electrical System Diagnosis
  • Battery & Starting System Diagnosis And Repair
  • Charging System Diagnosis And Repair
  • Lighting Systems Diagnosis And Repair
  • Related Vehicle Systems Diagnosis And Repair
  • Details also explain Electrical and electronic symptom descriptions and their causes, as well as testing procedures, with the interpretation of test results.  
  • Schematic Fundamentals
  • Integrated Mag Switches (IMS)
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
  • Over Temp Switches
  • Group 31 Batteries
  • A/C Inverters & Shore Power
  • Heavy Duty OBD
  • SAE Protocols
  • SID Codes

Included in the ASE T6 study guide contains an ASE task list for the electrical/electronic systems certification exam.  The ASE task list includes all the general test topics and requirements techs need to fulfill in order to earn the T6 certification.  Our ASE T6 practice test includes questions that reference the information covered within the medium/heavy truck’s ASE T6 study guide.  The practice test is perfect for gaging your knowledge on electrical/electronic systems.  In addition to the easy-to-read text, the Motor Age Training ASE T6 study guide contains dozens of detailed illustrations which is great for on the job references you can use after you’ve completed your certification.


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