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Pass The ASE T1 Certification Exam With Motor Age's ASE T1 Study Guide

ASE T1 Study Guide is Published 03/2010

The ASE T1 Study Guide and test prep contains; tips on preparing for and successfully passing the T1 certification exam.  The topics discussed in the ASE T1 study guide cover what will be included on the ASE T1 certification test, in detail: Engine Mechanical, Lubrication, Cooling, Ignition, Fuel, Exhaust, Engine Electrical, Emissions Control and Computerized Engine Control Systems diagnostic information, including symptom descriptions and their causes, as well as complete engine testing procedures, with the interpretation of test results for medium/ heavy trucks.


Included in this edition of T1 Gasoline Engines are details on General Engine Diagnosis; Cylinder Head And Valvetrain Diagnosis And Repair; Engine Block Diagnosis And Repair; Lubrication And Cooling Systems Diagnosis And Repair; Ignition System Diagnosis And Repair; Fuel And Exhaust Systems Diagnosis And Repair; Emission Control Systems Diagnosis And Repair; and Computerized Engine Controls Diagnosis And Repair.

In addition to the easy-to-read text, the Motor Age T1 Medium/Heavy Truck Gasoline Engines Self-Study Guide contains dozens of useful illustrations. You’ll also find the Motor Age T1 Medium/Heavy Truck Gasoline Engines Self-Study Guide to be a handy reference manual that you can use on the job after you’ve taken the ASE test.

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