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Managing the generation gaps

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This product is produced in partnership with AVI Inc.

If you don’t truly understand the people who work for or with you, your shop will never reach its full potential. The gap between each generation is significant with each having entirely different perspectives on the world and on work. The difference between the aging Boomer generation and the newest generation — Gen Z — is almost beyond comparison. Even the two generations close to one another — Gen Y and Gen X — are far apart on most issues. Understanding the value systems, attitudes and motivations of each generation is key to achieving the most productive shop possible. 
Well-known trainer Bill Haas not only presents the differences between generations, but also provides practical techniques and solutions to managing, mentoring and coaching members for each one. What is the work ethic of each generation? What stereotypes do they hold? What is each generation’s attitude concerning balancing work with family time? How does each generation deal with life’s everyday frustrations and stresses?  What kind of feedback and rewards do they seek? 
Ultimately, the insights and solutions Haas presents can lead to a more efficient and satisfied workforce, which pays off in higher worker productivity. In just 60 minutes Haas can help you fine tune your communication skills and leadership style to effectively address workers from all generations.

Runtime: 60 minutes



Online Training Course:

  • 60 Minutes of Video