Resolving tricky diagnostic problems

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Online Training Course



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Deceptive Diagnostics with Dave Hobbs


Resolving tricky and illusive diagnostic problems is the focus of this 60-minute video. Renown instructor Dave Hobbs casts aside traditional methods and offers his innovative approach in four specific case studies. By using outside sources and practical experiences from other technicians, Hobbs is able to pinpoint the most troublesome diagnostic problems, including ones that can cause a throttle to surge in a rhythmic manner, as well as TPMS sensor faults after replacing the key fob module and a multiple displacement system that causes a severe lack of compression.


Online Training Course:

  • Online Training Video - Runtime: 60 minutes
  • Practice test covering topic is included in the online training course
  • Ebook covering topics in online training course 
  • Certificate of completion


  • 60 minutes of run time footage in DVD disc format