Real world Chrysler and Ford EVAP diagnostics

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Online Training Course



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Ford & Chrysler EVAP with Bill Fulton


Real world, in-depth Chrysler and Ford EVAP diagnostics is covered by Bill Fulton in this 45-minute AVI training course (LBT-172 Ford & Chrysler EVAP with Bill Fulton). Specifically, Fulton walks you through the testing procedures and the workings of the components for the Chrysler LDP and NVLD systems and the Ford Enhanced and Non-Enhanced systems. Identifying the right codes, as well as a breakdown of the components and their communication with the PCM, are underscored. Finally, the proper use of a smoke machine to diagnose EVAP failures is covered.  


Online Training Course:

  • Online Training Video - Runtime: 45 minutes
  • Practice test covering topic is included in the online training course
  • In course knowledge assessment
  • Ebook covering topics in online training course 
  • Certificate of completion


  • 45 minutes of run time footage in DVD disc format