New TMPS service procedures

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Online Training Course

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TPMS Tips & Techniques with Dave Scaler


The latest information, tips and techniques about servicing and maintaining TPMS, are covered in this 45-minute video (LBT-183 TPMS Tips & Techniques with Dave Scaler). For instance, Scaler introduces a new “wake up” technique for sensors that have been shipped in storage mode. Moreover, he covers the discrepancy readings between tire gauges and vehicle dash displays, the problems with using chrome or metal valve caps, the replacement of valve stems, new sensor torques, and seal kits. 

Additionally, Scaler brings you up to date on Toyota’s re-introduction of indirect TPMS, as well as the latest on Ford truck sensors. 


Online Training Course:

  • Online Training Video - Runtime: 45 minutes
  • Practice test covering topic is included in the online training course
  • In course knowledge assessment
  • Ebook covering topics in online training course 
  • Certificate of completion


  • 45 minutes of run time footage in DVD disc format