Diagnosing vehicle communications networks

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Online Training Course



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FRED Kicks the CAN with Dave Hobbs


Understanding and diagnosing vehicle communications networks is the essence of this AVI course (LBT-237 FRED Kicks the CAN with Dave Hobbs). Hobbs diagnoses F.R.E.D.s (Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Devices) and smart sensors that are connected to communications networks by using a volt meter, ohm meter, lab scope and scan tool. His real-world training procedure will get you to a quick diagnostic decision when diagnosing the latest CAN buses and the earlier networks on Ford, GM, Toyota and Chrysler vehicles. Both “U-code” serial bus problems and “no communications” scan tool signals are addressed. 


Online Training Course:

  • Online Training Video - Runtime: 240 minutes
  • Practice test covering topic is included in the online training course
  • In-course knowledge assesment
  • Ebook covering topics in online training course 
  • Certificate of completion


  • 240 minutes of run time footage in DVD disc format