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Automatic Transmission Service Group 68RFE Manual By Wayne Colona 

Beginning at the start of production for the 2006 model year Chrysler Corporation has introduced a new version of the 5/45RFE transmission and is found in Dodge Ram trucks. The new 68RFE designation tells us that this new unit has 6 forward speeds, a relative torque rating of 8, is for Rear drive vehicles and is Fully Electronic controlled. Refer to Figure 1. The 68RFE transmission is a sophisticated, multi-range, electronically controlled transmission which combines optimized gear ratios for responsive performance, improved efficiency features, and low NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). Other features include driver adaptive shifting and three, 6 pinion, planetary gear sets to provide wide ratio capability with precise ratio steps for optimum drivability. There have been several engineering changes in the geartrain to improve durability and reliability

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Written by: Wayne Colona