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Blue Seal Program - How To Earn The Blue Seal Of Excellence

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Blue Seal Business Qualifications

Repair Business Qualifications

75% of technicians working on vehicles, in detail diagnosing and making repairs must be ASE certified. Please keep in mind this does not include employees that are not diagnosing or repairing vehicles. One ASE certified employee must cover an area of service that is offered at your shop. So if your shop offers brake servicing for cars, then one of the technicians at your shop should have passed the ASE A5 brake certification exam.

Car and Light Truck certification ASE Books

Blue Seal Support Business Qualifications

The same percentage requirement stands for support businesses, 75%. The support businesses include professionals that are helping develop tools by researching how automotive functions to create diagnostic computers and other tools, must be ASE certified. The same requirement for each type of service the support business offers must have one tech that is ASE certified.

A perfect example of this type of business are the companies that would require a technician having the L3 certification certificate in order to manufacturing parts and diagnostic systems for the hybrid vehicles and have the ASE Blue Seal recognition. Since this exam is a new addition to the ASE certification exams please make sure to study with the our ASE L3 study guide

ASE Blue Seal Parts Business Qualifications

Just like the other categories of business that would qualify for ASE’s blue seal, parts stores would need 75% of their counterman, also known as salesman, to be ASE certified. Parts salesmen or countermen need to have certification in replacement recommendations.

Businesses for Automobile or Light Truck Repair Businesses

New Car Dealerships, we’ve all seen the dealerships like GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda, in all sizes. Most new car dealerships offer service from their techs and employees that are employed by the individual dealership. Even though they sell vehicles from a large vehicle manufacturer, the techs and the processes of the dealerships need to be recognized individually.

Independent Repair Shops are the shops that don’t belong to a large manufacturer but employs technicians for general servicing and repairs. Familiar examples of independent repair shops would be, NAPA AutoCare Center, ACDelco, TECH-NET).

Specialty Shops are those that specialize in one typical service or repair such as an oil change or a brake job. Certified specialty shops would be Midas, Meineke, Jiffy Lube, etc.

Volume Retailers are those retailers with a large amount of sales. These are specialty shops or general parts retailers, such as Pep Boys. Some Pep Boys locations have a full retail parts store with service and repair bays that would need ASE certified techs. Volume retailers should display their Seal.

Gas stations with service bays or service stations that meet the qualifications of displaying the ASE Blue Seal can also display the Seal, usually for techs that are employed at their service locations. Take a peek inside your local Exxon, Shell and Suoco to see if the service stations carry the ASE Seal. Other examples would include Leasing and Rental shops, utility fleets, and government and civil service stations.

The automotive industry wouldn’t be able to keep up the technical advancements without the blue seal certified support businesses. Techs and shops always rely on technical publication companies, such as Motor Age Training, to develop materials such as ASE Study Guides and research and engineering firms to make diagnostic computers for and would need detailed knowledge of vehicles to develop these complex diagnostics Parts Businesses

Cost of the Certification

In addition to having the certification requirements there is an Initial Application Fee Payment: $235.00 which is required along with the application.

Download and Complete the Application

The Blue Seal Program Contact Information

E-mail Address: [email protected] Phone Number: (703) 669-6626 Mailing Address: ASE Blue Seal Recognition Program 101 Blue Seal Drive SE, Suite 101 Leesburg, VA 20175 Fax Number: (703) 669-6123