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ASE testing - What to Know Before Your ASE Certification Exam

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Select an ASE Test and Prepare

Step 1: Choose a Test

Decide on which test you are going to take and find a trusted source for ASE study guides and test prep materials.  After you decide which ceritifcation you would like to pass, it recomended test takers get familiar on the topic and and details of the certification with ASE study guides and ASE Test Prep Materials.

myASE login is required before taking the test

Step 2: Creating your myASE login

The first step of passing your next ASE certification is to begin studying for the long before your register, however there are a few steps that are needed before you find a Prometric testing center and schedule your ASE test.  The first actual step of registering for your ASE certification exam is to start by completing the MyASE account registration form.  

Step 3: Registering for the ASE test

Registration window expires in 90 days

Tests are now available year around. There is a limit of how long you have to wait in order to schedule the exam, users have 90 days to schedule an appointment.  Even though techs have 90 days to register for an exam its recommended techs schedule exams as soon as possible, delaying scheduling you test leads to:

  • Less test date and testing center options
  • Avoid missing your 90 day window and losing all the fees.  If you do not make it to your exam you must wait until your test is marked as a “No Show” in order to register for the exam again.

You should schedule appointments for all tests as soon as possible. If you do not complete the testing within 90 days, the untaken tests will expire and you will lose your fees.  ASE exams will not roll over.

Cancel or Rescheduling your Appointment

Techs have 3 days to reschedule the date of their test after registration.  If you would like to reschedule or cancel your exam after 3 days, the person that is rescheduling or canceling is required to pay $25.00. The person who cancels the appointment is responsible for the cancellation fee.  This is allowed up to 3 days of your registration,

There are no refunds or credits for missed testing appointments. If you miss your appointment or arrive late, the tests are scored as “No Show”, and you forfeit all fees.

Step 4: Find an ASE Test center near you

If you’re familiar with ASE written exams, you’ll find the content and questions in our computer-based format very familiar. When you schedule your tests, you’ll also appreciate a wider choice of daytime and weekend reserved appointments. An extra half-hour is included in each appointment to allow time for check-in, a pre-test tutorial, and a post-test survey. Since tests are conducted in Prometric testing centers, taking the test has never been easier. 

How many days do I have to take the exam over?

If you just took your exam and failed the exam you then have 30 days to reschedule the exam.

What to do the day of ASE test

Step 5: Get to your testing center early, it’s recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before you scheduled testing time.  Test takers that arrive late and are not allowed to take the ASE exam will lose their fees and will have to register for another exam. 

What you should take to the test: All you need at the test center is the Registration Ticket for the exam as well as a valid government issued ID with a photo and a signature.  Expired forms of identification will not be accepted.  A valid passport is required for all test takers that are attempting to take the exam outside of their home country. If you do not have a valid form of you identification you will not be allowed to take the exam and will be forced to forfeit all the fees.

Electronics, cell phones and other personal objects will need to be stowed in the locker and are not allowed in the testing area due to security purposes.   Test takers will be waned down by a hand held metal detector so please make sure to leave all of those article in the locker, test takers will not be allowed to take the exam if they fail to comply with the security precautions during the exam day.

Important Security Information. To safeguard the test questions and ensure fairness, special security procedures are used at the test center. You will be given a copy of all test center regulations before checking in. Please read this carefully.
Don't waste time on breaks:  Breaks are allowed during the exam, though they are not recommended.  If you need to take a break during the exam the testing clock will keep running

ASE Questions and time limits 

Each exam has its own time limit which can be found here:

Tests contain anywhere between 40 and 70 questions to gauge your knowledge on the different test sections. 

If you have a disability and wish to receive testing accommodations, you must submit your request and be approved before you register for the tests. The process is fully explained here. Note that English as a Second Language by itself does not qualify as a disability under ADA, and ASE no longer offers the Reader/Translator option.

How the ASE test results are reports

You will know if you passed you ASE exam immediately after you have completed your exam, unless there is a system issue which is rare.   Your myASE profile will contain the score within 1-3 days from test completion.

Employers or schools that paid for their technicians test will not be able to see the exact score.  They will however, overall result of pass, fail or no show. If you have paid for your own test, then you will be able to see the score at any time. 

ASE cannot let people know if a technician is certified, it follows the same policy of technicians voluntarily expressing that they are certified.  

ASE has the authority to cancel your test 

ASE reserves the right to cancel any test score and can also bar techs from participation if they are suspected of violation any terms set by ASE.