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ASE Certification Test: Everything You Need To Know

What experience do you need as a tech to get an ASE Certification?

Successfully receiving a passing score on the ASE Certification test is only one of the requirements for getting ASE certified. In addition to passing the test, you must have two years of on-the-job training OR a two-year degree in automotive repair and one year of on-the-job training.

Passing your ASE exam takes training, practice and an in-depth understanding of the exam material, making it difficult for test-takers to pass the exam the first time. Only 33% of first-time test-takers successfully pass. After receiving your ASE certification, you must retake the exam every five years to stay current with changes in automotive technology


Use our ASE Study Guide to get your ASE certificate


Who writes the test questions for the exams?

ASE test questions are written by a panel of experienced automotive professionals, technicians, manufacturers, aftermarket parts developers, instructors and teachers. No single person has the authority to write the questions that are on the ASE certification exam. The certification requirements include: 

  • Exam questions must be based on job knowledge and skills.
  • Full-time professional, relevant work experience, in addition to a passing exam score, is required for certification.

How many ASE Certification test sections are available?

There are currently over 40 ASE certification exams covering everything from cars and light trucks to school buses, plus there are auto parts specialist tests.  

ASE study guides, videos, practice tests, preparation tips and more.

The ASE does not provide training for the test. Below is a list of ASE test prep certification resources that provide you with study guides, practice tests and training videos.

How to register for the ASE certification exam

To register for the ASE certification exam, you or your employer must pay a $36 registration fee. After you register, you can select which tests you want to take. Each test costs $37 except for L1R, L2R and L3, which are $74 each. You have only 90 days from the registration date to schedule your certification tests.. 

Benefits of being ASE certified

ASE offers for career management is myASE

ASE certified professionals have access to their certification status and testing history through their myASE account. Professionals can also update personal information and customize their ASE Internet experience according to personal expertise and preferences. There is no charge for the myASE account. To qualify for an account with myASE, an individual must have registered for the ASE tests at some time in the past and have a valid e-mail address.

For information regarding changes made to testing requirements, the addition of subjects and more please visit or call ASE customer service at (703) 669-6600.

The real cost of getting ASE certified 

Well, you've decided to take the ASE certification exam - great! Now, let's consider your different ASE certification costs, which include:

  • ASE registration fees 
  • ASE test prep materials 
  • ASE classes 

ASE registration fees

Your initial registration fee is $36, and you only have to pay the fee once for every three-month window in which you register for tests. The ASE certification tests are $39 dollars each, except for the advanced level certification tests (L1, L2 and L3), which are $78 each. The corresponding recertification tests cost the same amount, but the test fees cap out at $117, no matter how many recertification tests you take. So the most anyone would pay to recertify in a single registration window is $153—no matter how many recertification tests are taken. Below are example registration fees for a first-time test-taker.



ASE Test Registration Fee


A1 – Engine Certification exam fee



A2 – Suspension and Steering Certification exam fee



A5 – Brakes Certification exam fee



L1 – Advanced Engine exam fee



Total ASE Registration Cost



Cost of ASE test prep materials

When calculating the total cost of earning your ASE certification it's important to take into account the cost of ASE Test Prep Materials. On average, each ASE study guide should run around $20-30 dollars, depending on the series and the ceritifcation. It's really important to find a study guide that is detailed and up to date.   

ASE Study Guide


A1 – Engine Certification Study Guide Ebook and Practice Test


$25.95 + $9.99

A2 – Suspension and Steering Certification Study Guide Ebook and Practice Test


$25.95 + $9.99

A5 – Brakes Certification Study Guide Ebook and Practice Test


$25.95 + $9.99

L1 – Advanced Engine Study Guide Ebook and Practice Test (Updated Feb 2016)


$27.95 + $9.99







The total cost for the examples provided above is $363.76 (The figure following is for example purposes; every test taker's ASE certification costs will vary).

How much does it cost to get your ase certifications or what it takes to be ase cert. or where to get your ase certificate