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ASE A8 Practice Test - Car and Light Truck Engine Performance Certification

Available Formats: DVD (Manual Included) | Hard Copy | eBook | iTunes | Practice Test

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ASE Practice Test



Product Details:

ASE A8 Study Guide

ASE A8 Study Guide is Published 03/2012

The Motor Age Training ASE A8 Study Guide provides technicians with the knowledge and know how to successfully take and pass the ASE engine repair certification exam.  The Motor Age Training engine performance study guide and test prep products covers essential details on:

  • Extensive Engine Mechanical, Ignition, Fuel diagnostic information, including symptom descriptions and their causes.
  • Exhaust and Emissions Control diagnostic information, including symptom descriptions and their causes.
  • Computerized Engine Control and Engine Electrical Systems diagnostic information, including symptom descriptions and their causes.
  • Complete testing procedures, with the interpretation of test results.  

Included in the ASE A8 study guide is the ASE task list for the ASE engine performance certification exam as well as a comprehensive practice test.  The ASE task list includes all the test topics and requirements techs will need to earn their A8 certification.  Our ASE practice test includes questions that reference the information covered within the ASE A8 study guide and is perfect for gauging your progress.  In addition to the easy-to-read text, the Motor Age Training ASE A8 study guide contains dozens of detailed illustrations which is great for on the job references that you can use on the job; after you’ve completed your certification.



Online Training Course:


ASE A8 online training course features:

  • 420 Minutes of Video
  • Unlimited Course Access
  • Comprehensive Motor Age Training Study Guide E-book with Glossary of Terms (Access only available through online training course)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Discussion Forum

A8 Study Guide DVD :Runtime: 420 minutes (5-Disc)

Instructor Dave Hobbs takes the "show me" approach as he passes along his experience in the bay with engine performance problems. Using parts, tools of the trade, and hands-on exercises he covers every topic, including up-to-date ignition, fuel injection, starting, charging and emission systems.

In the sample test questions Dave uses an OBD II fuel injection simulator, multi meter, scan tool and lab scope to drive home the points that will help you understand the topics that will come up in the ASE A8 test. Why memorize test question answers when you can learn the necessary subjects in a practical and hands on manner? Whether you’re a veteran wishing to brush-up or update yourself on engine performance or taking the ASE A8 for the first time, this in-depth course is guaranteed to be time and money well spent!